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Super Boring Technical Details about Twitter in my Author’s Marketing Platform

UPDATE: The novel, Pleasing María, is blogged at website PleasingMaria.com. To view the Table of Contents, click here. To go directly to the first chapter, click here. To read the latest novel post, click here.

The challenge of Twitter is to find and form relationships with other folks where there is mutual interest. As a writer of romantic erotica (RE), the people I would like to meet are readers of RE first, then authors of RE, then eBook marketers and publishers, and then the vast group of interesting people of many interests.

  • The first group, readers of RE, are hard to identify as they are not nicely self-identified by hashtags, for example.
  • The last group, interesting people, are even harder to find, yet this group is very important – they will be the source of many writing inspirations.
  • Twitter is a real-time broadcast medium – your tweets go out when posted to your followers, and then will probably be buried within seconds by the tweets of the other people that your followers are following. In other words, you need to post your tweets when the people you’d like to talk with have their eyeballs on the screen.
  • So, you need to be watching and tweeting 24 hours per day to reach your worldwide audience.
  • If you ‘mention’ the Twitter address of someone in a tweet, and they are tracking their ‘mentions’, then there is a far greater chance that they will see your tweet. However, this direct addressing may be considered spam by many recipients and by Twitter.

As I’m unable to be on Twitter more than 2 hours per day, how can I get noticed and induce the groups of twitter users that interest me to follow me? Then how do I get my tweets to them in the moment when they’ll actually see it? I’ve searched on Amazon for what other authors have done, purchased their eBooks, and extracted and modified their techniques for my own use. I’ll identify and describe the authors/books that I found most useful in another post. Up to this moment, here’s what I’ve done:

  • To provide 24 hour tweeting with interesting content, I’ve followed the advice of Michael Rogan in his eBook, “Twitter Marketing That Doesn’t Suck” – I post interesting, humorous or thought-provoking quotes periodically 24 hours per day.
    • I use Michael Rogan’s suggested ratio of tweets – 80% pure content tweets, 20% promotional tweets. The content tweets are quotes; the promotional tweets are references to blog posts, such as this one. The content tweets include the hashtag #EroticaAuthor to give recipients of generic quotes a clue about me.
    • To find appropriate quotes, I’ve scraped quotes from numerous websites, choosing quotes in subjects that should appeal to the folks I want to attract. This is very, very tedious work, requiring hours-on-hours of searching and reformatting. Fortunately, I’m an old Unix/Linux programmer so I know how to use regular expressions to reformat scraped quotes. This is ongoing work.
    • For 24 hour scheduling, I use the tweet scheduling function of Hootsuite (HS) because HS allows scheduling at precise times. This service costs about $10 dollars per month.
    • To generate the tweets that will be scheduled by HS, I wrote a program (on Linux) that combines content quotes and promotional messages in the desired ratio, Twitter user addresses (if desired), hashtags, URLs, and tweet times into batches of tweets in HS format.
    • At the moment, @TheGuyOrdinary is my focus Twitter username, so one-to-four tweets are scheduled every hour. @PleasingMaria and my other Twitter usernames tweet once per hour.  When my focus changes from eBook marketing to the novel itself, these periods will flip over. The program I mentioned above increases the number of tweets during my followers peak on-screen time.
    • I’ve connected Twitter to my blogs, GuyOrdinary.com and PleasingMaria.com, and to my Facebook pages, Guy Ordinary and Pleasing Maria.

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