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In the chapter, “WHAT YOU SHOULD BE DOING” from his book, “How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months!”, John Locke gave 11 general activities for developing an author’s marketing platform:

  1. Set goals – project goals, not sales goals.
  2. Join Twitter.
  3. Develop a brand.
  4. Keep writing books.
  5. Create a website with a “contact me” button.
  6. Give interviews and participate in guest blogs.
  7. ePublish at an unfair price.
  8. Love your readers and personally respond to them.
  9. Think of your books as employees.
  10. Develop a list of guaranteed buyers.
  11. Target marketing. Selling downloads is nothing more than writing to a specific audience, and knowing how to find them. Your specific audience is your niche. Finding your niche is called target marketing.

For first-time, unpublished authors (me), activities 1-5 establish the foundation of your eBook marketing platform.
The remainder of this post is technical, probably boring details. Here’s my progress:

#3 – The name and concept of Guy Ordinary (just an ordinary guy in extraordinary situations) is my primary brand, the protagonist and author of the first book, Pleasing María. Because the Pleasing María series may comprise additional books, it’s a secondary yet important brand also. To cement the brands, I’ve established website/blogs for both brands, and, registered these as users at both at Twitter and Facebook, and also registered hashtags for both at Boring detail: registered the domain names (easy and cheap, about $25), and installed WordPress (easy and free). I found some photos on stock photos sites that I thought expressed the tone of the book, about $75, and used them for the blogs, twitter, and facebook.

#2 and #5 – done.

#4 – Even before publishing my first novel, I’ve started working on subsequent novels in the series, at this point, sketching out the outlines and writing some of the significant scenes. This is wild, creative fun.

#6-#12 – These kick in when I publish the first novel, probably late 2015 or early 2016.

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