Authors and bloggers – Help me tweet your content

Authors and bloggers – Help me tweet your articles, blogs, and book excerpts on sex-related themes. I’m updating my content tweets about sex-related themes and I’m looking for additional excerpts, articles, and blogs on all subjects related to sex, relationships, and women’s perspectives on the same.

If you have book excerpts, blog posts, or articles you’d like tweeted regularly to the folks that follow me, please give me a link in the comments section, or send a message using the contact link at the top of the page. If there’s a photo that goes with the text, please provide its link also.

The tweet contents are only the title of the content and a link to your page. Hopefully, you’ll get some extra site traffic from the tweets. Thanks in advance.

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One thought on “Authors and bloggers – Help me tweet your content

  1. Polthus Xander

    Hi there,

    Found and followed you on twitter. This looks like an awesome resource!

    I maintain a blog from a submissive male point of view and post essays, erotics stories, rants, and various other content. Currently working on an erotic novella.

    In the meantime, would love to see some of my content get tweeted. here’s both a general link as well as one to a specific piece of erotica on my site:

    Grind_n_throb – The Fiction and Musings of an Unrepentant Submissive Slut

    Here is a recent short piece I wrote – “Edification”

    Thanks, and I’ll be sure to look for content you are tweeting to spread the word!


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