The Path to Success

UPDATE: The novel, Pleasing María, is blogged at website To view the Table of Contents, click here. To go directly to the first chapter, click here. To read the latest novel post, click here.

It was so easy to write the novel, the words just poured out effortlessly as fast as I could type. When you’ve lived with a beautiful, sensual, desirable, dynamic woman, my María, the whole world comes after you, wanting a piece of her. María gave away many pieces of herself, and I became a mere bystander, then road-kill, in her extraordinary drive through life, not as a victim, but as an enthusiastic participant. Our personal experiences provided the background for the novel, and I believe I wrote our story in a strong and unique voice.

I had no hope of ever publishing the novel, Pleasing María. I thought that there was no feasible market for explicitly descriptive romantic erotica. Then I heard about eBooks, Kindles, Nooks, and others. I thought, “How easy this is, I publish electronically, and the world will greedily consume my novel.”

The reality hit me –

  1. I watched the feed of new books at Amazon – dozens to hundreds of new books daily, their quality ranging from excellent to spam, very few ever purchased or read. How could even a well-written book, my novel, hope to get noticed in this deluge of crap? I purchased a few Kindle books on eBook marketing, and realized that the marketing of the novel would be an effort equal in size to the effort of writing the novel.
  2. I felt the barely concealed skepticism of my friends and acquaintances to my announcement that I would self-publish my novel. I had never imagined the variations of pity, snickering, and sarcasm that politely blank faces can convey.

But they are wrong. I will find a market for Pleasing María.

This blog,, will document this entire process of writing, editing, publishing and marketing my novel in the hope that, if successful, the process will be useful to other writers in the writing, editing, publishing and marketing of their own fiction works.

My second blog,, will post the entire current draft of the novel starting in November, 2015. I’m blogging this novel with the hope of finding readers who enjoy the story, and may be interested in the further development, editing, self-publishing and marketing of the story. Your engagement in truly welcome.

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2 thoughts on “The Path to Success

  1. Max

    I always find people’s reactions amusing. The folks who know me well realize that I was writing erotica anyway. The ones who don’t range from authors already published by small imprints who see self publishing as a bottom of the barrel approach to acquaintances who would love to publish their own stories until they realize it involves working independently and being motivated each day to press forward no matter what.

    The hard work is satisfying though. That’s what keeps most indie authors going I think. It’s being able to see the end result – whether it sells or not – and enjoying your own craftsmanship.

    Best of luck with Maria!

    1. GuyOrdinary Post author

      Hi Max:

      Agreed! If we pay attention to friends and relatives, we’re paralyzed. For me, my relatives are the more serious problem, their religious beliefs would allow no tolerance for erotica, so I’ll write and publish under a nom-de-plume. In any case, it’s unlikely that my first novel will see much success – as I wrote it from passion, I managed to break every rule of writing (as I read them from multiple sources), so I’ll be content just to get the first novel out there and take my newbie’s lumps.

      Guy Ordinary


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